About us

About us

Adhoc.aero is a dedicated online platform for booking ground handling and flight support services for Adhoc flights which was conceived, devised and developed by a group of ground handling experts. This online platform allows aircraft operators, flight support companies, charter brokers and other aviation services buyers to source and book ground handling services and trip support services online without the need for multiple emails, SITA & Whatsapp messages and endless phone calls.

The ease and convenience of an online booking platform to book your ground handling services through the Adhoc.aero app is quite unique and revolutionary in the aviation industry. Adhoc.aero is a very simple and efficient online tool, where customers can efficiently plan their trip online and you can be rest assured that we will support your trip.

Adhoc.aero has exclusive handling arrangements with all ground handlers in its network and offers you the most competitive rates in the market. Pay-as-you-go is the principle adopted by Adhoc.aero wherein you will be charged only what you use and what you require. You can pick and choose the services in the menu and you will be billed only for that unlike the conventional ground handling service provider who charges you a fixed fee irrespective of the services you use.

With Adhoc.aero, you can

  • Plan your trip
  • Estimate your ground handling charges
  • Request for a quote for your flight
  • Pick and choose your required services on the ground
  • Send a ground handling request to the handler
  • Get a confirmation on ground handling services from the handler
  • Make a payment online or by CASH
  • Set up a credit account
  • View your dashboard

Adhoc.aero services includes a dedicated Ramp Agent for Representation and Supervision with a dedicated car. Your adhoc representative would be easily identified by his Adhoc.aero emblazoned jacket and adhoc.aero signage on the car.